Why is perpetual learning important?

Why is perpetual learning important?

Below are some reasons I think perpetual learning is important:

  • The more you learn about your highly sensitive nature, the better you can utilize it and work with it, rather than have it be a hindrance in your life.
  • Learning helps you determine your interests, regardless of your age. It helps you expand your horizons.
  • It teaches universal truths that teach life lessons.
  • Learning is a form of entertainment that’s informative and reduces stress. Reading a good book is a relaxing pastime and has long-lasting effects on the way we live. Books help us become well-rounded individuals.
  •  Perpetual learning helps improve and increase our vocabulary.
  • Reading builds concentration, focus, and alertness.
  • You increase your written and verbal communication skills including grammar, spelling vocabulary and sentence structure.
  • Learning provides mental stimulation. The more you use your brain, the better it works for you.
  • Books distract you from your problems and keep you in the present moment. Learning can distract you from a negative mindset.
  • It makes you more knowledgeable and better equipped to tackle any challenge.
  •  It improves your memory.
  •  You develop stronger analytical skills.
  • You improve your writing skills by observing different writing styles.
  •  When you have more knowledge, you improve your conversation skills. This makes you more interesting. You will attract more interesting people to you.
  • Perpetual learning stimulates your creativity. Why not make the best use of your highly sensitive person natural resource?
  • The more you learn, the better you’ll feel about yourself. This will increase your overall happiness.

Why is perpetual learning important? Can you think of more reasons to do so? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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  1. Johnnie Urban

    You got my attention with this one. The best reason I have to be constantly learning is that as a Life Success and Business coach I am able to get much better results with my clients when I have knowledge at my disposal. Fortunately as an over the top HSP it is not only natural but easy for me to absorb new content. One of my mantras is “If your not growing you die”. So I guess I’ll stop learning when they nail the last nail on my coffin

    1. Cliff Harwin

      Hi Johnnie,

      If you’re not growing you die is a great mantra! We have much in common. Keep moving forward!

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