What’s The Worst Criticism Of All?

What’s The Worst Criticism Of All?

It’s bad enough when other people criticize us, but what is the worst kind of criticism that has the most long lasting impact on us?

Pascal Woudenberg made an interesting point on The Highly Sensitive Person Publishing Company Facebook page. He said… “There is one thing I have noticed about myself, the less I judge myself, the less I can be judged. Which makes me think that others can’t make us feel judged, it is us who judge our selves.”

I agree with Pascal. When we criticize ourselves, we are more susceptible to the criticism of others. Therefore, I think that self-criticism is the worst criticism that has the most long lasting impact on us. Why is it that we are our own worst critics? We would never talk to others the way we talk to ourselves. As highly sensitive people, many of us try to be “too perfect.” This is unrealistic and unattainable. Why should we burden ourselves?

How do you talk to yourself? If you’re like most people, you probably say more negative than positive things to yourself. This is a bad habit that we all need to break. The good and bad things you say to yourself is deeply embedded in your subconscious mind.

Unconscious messages affect every decision that we make in life. The better messages our brain receives, the better our self-esteem will be. The more positive we feel about ourselves, the happier and more productive our lives will be. As an added bonus, other people’s criticisms won’t bother us as much.

Catch yourself when you say negative things about yourself to yourself. It’s human nature to make mistakes. Learn from them. Remember that you need to be your own best friend and forgive yourself for any wrongdoing.

What can you do to break this habit? What haven’t you forgiven yourself for? Don’t you think it’s time to do so? I’d appreciate any thoughts or comments that you have. We can definitely learn from each other!

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