What are you attracting?

What are you attracting?

Are you attracting the people and situations that you’d like? If not, why not? It’s important to examine your thinking and the environments that you put yourself in.

How does your life feel? Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Do you associate with others that uplift or depress you? Do you feel comfortable in the place where you live, work, or places where you socialize?

These questions will help you determine what you’re attracting into your life. Your mental and physical state determines what you attract, good or bad, into your life. This determines how happy you are.

Awareness of this fact will help you make better choices. Doesn’t it make sense that you take a more proactive, rather than a reactive approach to life? Why not pick the people and environments that will help you thrive rather than survive?

Highly sensitive people have the unique ability to deep-think what they want in their lives. Do you utilize this gift?

Perhaps you do, if you don’t, don’t you feel that you deserve what you want? If you feel that you’re not deserving, where did this thinking come from? Wherever it came from, it’s not true!

Change your negative thought patterns to positive ones. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll attract into your life!

What are you attracting? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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  1. Linda Crockett

    I struggle with this subject for I do believe there is some merit to it. I admit I am a bit confused by it also. Here is my thinking. Our self sabotaging thoughts will hold us back and create barriers for our success in areas of our life. However, there is a danger of people blaming themselves for circumstances in their lives. Circumstances that may have nothing to do with them.

    These case examples are combined discussions with many people I have spoken with.

    a) I was abused, fired, or transferred in my job. Is this because of my negative thinking or was it really my gut intuition that something was not right in this workplace? Was it my attitude, or my lack of self esteem (because my intuition told me this was not a honest work-site and therefore unpredictable)? Is it my fault or the hidden agenda of my employer? Did I attract betrayal? How do I begin to sort out what is mine and what is theirs? I will always be human so I will always have things to sort out does this mean I will always attract ‘less than’? Or do I find positive in my strong intuition?

    b) Is it my fault that I was just in my 7th car accident? Though I did not cause these accidents, did I attract people to hit me? What about me would have such negative power? This is scary and depressing, how do I control other peoples reckless driving? It’s what I attract? Really?

    d) I love my work but it is a toxic bureaucracy, is this toxic something I attract or is it the nature of my work? Or did I choose this profession to attract this nature?
    e) I have many people letting me down right now, (not all people) but is this what I attract? People I can’t rely on? I’m a very reliable worthy person how would I attract this? If I can’t understand this I feel it is hopeless to fix.

    As sensitive humans we already struggle to build our self esteem, self acceptance, where we belong. It is a tough world with many negative energies around us. It is even harder if we place more pressure on ourselves about ‘what we attract’. Inside most of us are very good hearted, best intentions, sensitive people……but we are also people who struggle with self doubt from time to time. Does this mean that we attract things because of our self doubt or because of the goodness in our core? I’m confused by this.

    I like that we need to address our insecurities, thinking/actions patterns and challenge ourselves to be better. Always best to be aware of our self sabotaging behaviours/tendencies and then be empowered to create positive changes in these patterns. But I also think ‘stuff happens’ and if we personalize it too much, it makes things much worse and sets us up for more destruction. Things happen in life that are out of our control. Most times these things are not about us. What matters is how solid we are with ourselves, and how we react/act as a result of these ‘things happening’. How we can get past these unpredictable storms (just like weather) and carry on.

    I believe it is more about how we carry on, (choose to learn, heal, grow, and give back to others) that attracts ‘better and more fulfilling’ surroundings. We must know ourselves well, heal our wounds and become very present in our lives.

    I believe this sets us up for success.

    Linda Crockett

    1. Cliff

      Hi Linda,

      You brought up some very good points! We can’t fault ourselves for circumstances that we can’t control. It is worth examining if we put ourselves and tolerate the same situations that aren’t good for us.

      Our self-esteem is a critical factor in taking the steps that will make us happier. This includes ridding ourselves of negative people and bad environments. Admittedly, this isn’t easy, but we have more control over our lives than we think.

      Small steps is the way to go. The more small steps we take, the more we increase our self-esteem to attract what we want. Does this make sense? What small steps can you take?

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