Is fear holding you back?

Is fear holding you back?

Is fear holding you back? If you’re a human being, it probably is or has. When we’re faced with making a change or doing something different, our “fear sensors” naturally kick in and tells us that trouble is ahead.

Here are some warning signs that fear is holding you back:

  • Are you afraid to make a mistake and look incompetent?
  • When you’re faced with a new opportunity, do you give yourself a slew of reasons why you shouldn’t take a chance?
  • Do you make excuses rather than try something out of your comfort zone? For example, a mom may feel that she can’t go back to school or take a few classes because because she has a family to take care of.
  • If something were to go wrong, do you think that you’re not strong enough to handle the situation?

So what should you do when you need to take a chance and move past your fear? If you’re afraid of failure, remember that everyone makes mistakes. I’ve learned that I can make adjustments as needed. My mistakes will probably be far less conspicuous than I imagine them to be. I’m comforted that people are more interested in themselves and likely not focused on every setback that I may encounter.

I become more motivated when I give myself more reasons to do something than not. The more reasons you give yourself to go for it, the more you’ll want to go for it. Make a list of all the potential benefits,¬† and refer to it often.

If you find that you keep making excuses, be honest with yourself¬† and acknowledge your fear. Next, try to think beyond your fear, and ask the questions…What’s the best thing that can happen if I do this? Do I really want to give this a try? If so, you’ll do everything you can to make it happen.

As highly sensitive people, we often don’t give ourselves enough credit for being strong and resilient. Think of a time when you overcame a hardship and remember how you worked through it. Most HSPs are very effective problem solvers, so I’m sure you will find many examples. Give yourself the credit that you deserve, and you’ll feel more confident about moving forward.

It’s important to remember that we radiate what we feel about ourselves. If we feel that we’re weak, others may sense the weakness and treat us accordingly. When we feel good about ourselves, people will sense and respond to that as well.

If you aren’t feeling confident, make a written list of the good things about yourself. If you have trouble doing this, ask other people what they feel your strengths are or what they appreciate most about you. Write down what they say, and then try adding to the list yourself. Make it a habit to look for the positive in yourself.

Is fear holding you back? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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  1. Jeffry Brown

    Fear of being embarrassed use to paralize me. Now it’s just a hinderence.

  2. Kristie

    Fear and a lack of uninterrupted time I’m afraid. We were supposed to leave the state for training for a year and that fell through. I just don’t have the space to continue working on my book where we are right now. I still feel strongly about pursuing this endeavor though so I won’t give up. Maybe I need to start getting up before everyone else in the mornings, lol

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