Highly Sensitive People/Introverts: Do You Utilize This Natural Resource?
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Highly Sensitive People/Introverts: Do You Utilize This Natural Resource?

What is this natural highly sensitive person/introvert resource? It’s keen observation skills! Being the highly sensitive person/introvert that I am, I can attest that this can come very easy to us with a little practice. We take in everything around us, and being observant is the key to creativity.

Creativity is all around us, and each of us has the ability to be creative. This is a part of who we are, and it’s only a matter of tapping into it. Sometimes it comes easy and sometimes it doesn’t. If the latter is the case for you, it doesn’t have to be. All you need to do is train yourself to be creative. You’d be surprised that it can be as simple as practicing your powers of observation and becoming better aware of your surroundings.

Below are some tips that you can try to improve your observation skills, which will then enhance your creative skills.

  • Be mindful. This requires you to slow down and pay attention to details. You will notice what you’re doing and where you are. For example, when you get dressed, pay attention to what you do first, second and so on. When you leave your house, look at and notice the color of the door. Little things like this will help you learn to be present in the moment, no matter what you’re doing. When you’re mindful, you see things in a different light, and your creativity begins to come alive. You never know what will trigger your next big inspiration!
  • Do something different. Sometimes all it takes to hone your observation skills and get the creative juices flowing is to simply do something different. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, like taking an exotic vacation. It can be something as simple as visiting a new place locally. When you do something new, you’re more aware of what’s around you. Novelty is exciting, and you pay closer attention to what your senses pick up.
  • Go to a park, coffee shop, or some other public place with a pen and notepad (or laptop) Make it a point to observe those around you. Pay attention to how they walk, what they’re wearing, and how they interact with others. As you observe, begin to write down different details. Focus on your senses, and write about the things you see, hear or smell. Don’t spend too much time thinking, just write whatever pops into your head. Again, not only does this help you improve your observation skills, it helps you be more mindful of what’s going on around you. As you do this exercise, write down your impressions and any ideas you have. This is way to get you to start using those creative thinking brain muscles that we don’t always use.

Being mindful and observant are skills we can all improve upon. Too often we go through life missing many of the details, but if you make it a point to notice what’s happening around you, you’ll find many creative ways to use what you learn in your writing, artwork, or other creative endeavors.

Do you utilize your extraordinary HSP observational skills? If not, why not? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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  1. Sidney

    I agree. I notice things that most people don’t.

  2. Cliff Harwin

    Hi Sidney,
    Keep noticing the little things.
    The World needs more people like us!

  3. Camila

    True to everything. Ive been doing this without wanting it since a I have memory.
    Im a teacher and loved to create material to get to each of my students. I worked as an editor of school books and I had to search for every mistake that might appear. I was really good at it btw.
    Im very good at fixing things in my house and get really good ideas for decorating rooms. I would have loved to be a designer.
    Also loove to put makeup on my friends. Like you really get the “imperfections” and make wonders when using makeup.
    Im good at painting but i get really frustrated because i cant reach whats on my mind. Maybe too perfectionist.

    1. Cliff Harwin

      Hi Camila,
      You are very talented!
      You’re doing a true public service for helping others.
      Keep doing what you’re doing.
      Don’t be afraid to use other creative talents that you have.
      You are a perfectionist in a good way!

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