Do you have something to be excited about?
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Do you have something to be excited about?

As highly sensitive people, it’s essential that we feel a sense of purpose. We may pontificate endlessly about what our mission in life is, but the best clue is to take a look at what excites you. Do you have something to be excited about?  I’d love to hear your answers.

As for me, I’m excited! I’m in good health and doing what I love to do! On Monday, I was happy to get a very good medical report. I’m feeling well enough to do more writing. I look forward to writing these blog posts and posting information to my social media. I also have three kindle books on Amazon, with other books that are on the way! And above all, I appreciate your support and all the interactions I have with people who follow my work.

Today, I’m taking a pause to savor these good feelings and express my gratitude! It’s moments like this that I love being highly sensitive. For us, we suffer terribly through life’s challenges but are rewarded with deep joy during the good times.

If you’re not feeling excited about anything now, use your deep thinking abilities to reflect upon times when you did feel excited. Become a detective investigating your own passions in life. Everyone needs something to be excited about. That’s what makes life fun, and life IS supposed to be fun!

Below are some questions to ask yourself if you have trouble figuring out what will excite you.

  • What do I love to do? What activity or hobby do I look forward to doing?
  • If money was of no concern, how would I spend my time?
  • How can I help others?
  • What skills do I have that I wish I could use more?
  • What accomplishments am I proud of?
  • Who do I admire and why?

Are there any other questions that you’d like to add? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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