Do you hate selling?

Do you hate selling?

Do you hate selling? At first thought…Who likes to be “sold to?” On further thought…We’re all selling something, aren’t we? Selling is a form of communication that highly sensitive people need to learn. We also need to listen to those who try to communicate their message to us. Why not learn from others who are good at selling?

There are many ways that selling affects our lives. Here are some examples:

  • Selling yourself to yourself. It’s important to sell yourself to yourself. In order to make the best impression to others, it’s necessary for you to feel good about yourself. The way you feel radiates outward, and you’ll attract things into your life that match the energy you put out. Building up one’s self-esteem is a lifetime pursuit. Do your actions and self talk help or hinder your self-esteem?
  • Selling yourself to others. Trying to influence a perspective employer to hire you, a possible love interest to date you, or building friendships with others is all part of the selling process.
  • Selling an idea. Aren’t you continually selling your point of view to others through conversation and written communication? Don’t you try to influence you’re significant others, friends, children, etc.
  • Selling your product or service. Do you shy away from promoting your product or service to others? Why should that be? If your product or service can help others, this shouldn’t be an issue for you.
  • Someone else selling you a product or service. This includes the barrage of advertisements in the mass media. Are you turned off by people trying to sell you something? Why not have an open mind and listen to what the another person has to say?

The art of selling has been given a bad reputation by unscrupulous people. Put in its proper context, “selling” should be viewed as an important part of getting what we need and communicating what we want to express to others.

Do you hate selling? Many highly sensitive people do, since we often fear rejection. It helps to think of selling as a numbers game. Some people will love what you’re selling, while others won’t be interested, but the more you try, the more “sales” you’ll make. What has your experience been with selling? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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