Do you appreciate and utilize your gifts?
Photo by Morgan Sessions

Do you appreciate and utilize your gifts?

Do you take your talents and gifts for granted ? If I were to ask you to list your strengths and weaknesses, you’d probably list more weak points than strong ones. Why are we so critical of ourselves? Could it be that we assume that if something comes easy to us, it’s not a valuable skill or strength? Maybe we’re trying to be too perfect, so we discount anything that we do well, but not “perfect.”

How about the gifts of being highly sensitive? Do you use and appreciate the advantages of high sensitivity, such as being conscientious, intuitive, empathic, self-sufficient, observant, likable, curious, and loyal?Who wouldn’t want to be our friend or hire us to do a job for them?

Highly sensitive people are not perfect (although we try to be!), but we do tend to excel in areas that interest us. Are you afraid to tout your extraordinary qualities to others? Can you clearly articulate how you can help others? If not, is this because you don’t want to seem like a braggart. For most HSPs, there’s little danger of that! It’s up to us to believe in our own good qualities and to shine a light on them in our own humble way.

Write down the positive qualities that you have on a piece of paper. Refer and add to this list often. It’ll do wonders for your self-esteem. I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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