Highly Sensitive People: Do You Accept Yourself As You Are?

Highly Sensitive People: Do You Accept Yourself As You Are?

I participate in many online forums that deal with the subject of highly sensitivity, introversion, social anxiety, shyness, and emphatic qualities. I do so because I have these qualities and I want to learn as much as I can about myself. The more I learn, the better I can accept myself and work with my strengths and weaknesses. When you accept yourself, you’re more likely to accomplish more in your life.  The reason for this is because self-acceptance can be seen as a foundation. After you accept yourself, you can continue to build from there and add-on: confidence, tranquility, enthusiasm, drive and happiness. 

Try these strategies to help you accept yourself:

  1. Allow for mistakes. Sometimes you may try too hard to be perfect, and this in itself is another mistake. Allow yourself to fail because you’re a human being. You’ll make small and large mistakes in life, but it’s how you bounce back from them that’ll make all the difference. 
  1. Live in the present. The reason you haven’t accepted yourself could be the fact that you’re living your life in the past. Maybe you’re unable to forgive yourself for something that has happened or a certain trait that you have. Getting over the past is an important step to build confidence, self-respect, and hope for the future.
  1. Avoid comparing yourself to others. Others have different skill sets and life experiences, which may make you envious. In these situations, come to terms with the fact that you don’t have what they have. However, on the bright side, there are many things that you do have that they don’t. Each and every person is unique. Be grateful for what makes you different from others, as this is part of your own uniqueness!
  1. Have realistic goals. If you don’t maintain realistic goals, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Give yourself a reasonable chance to achieve your goals. How can you do this? By setting realistic and manageable goals that align with who you are.   
  1. Be comfortable in your own skin. Sometimes you don’t want to accept yourself because of the way you look and act. Society puts some serious pressure on people to look “perfect”. Remember that people in magazines are usually unhealthy and airbrushed and you shouldn’t strive to look like them. Instead, focus on your positive attributes and overall health.
  1. Have your thoughts work for you. One of the most important ways to accepting yourself is learning to think positively. It’s easy to forget how much power there is in thought. If you make an effort to think a certain way, you can actually change your manner of thinking and, therefore, change your actions. Positive thinking leads to positive actions, which lead to feeling good about yourself.
  1. Seek help from positive influences in your life. You can ask for help from trusted relatives, friends, or other people who you look up to. It will help to get some outside perspective on the way you think about yourself. We tend to be our own worst critics. The trusted people around you have accepted you for who you are. You’ll be happier once you’ve come to this same realization as well.
  1. Online forums. As I mentioned previously, there are many forums that I participate in that have discussions about high sensitivity, social anxiety, shyness, empathic qualities, and many other groups that you may relate to. Use these forums to share your thoughts and get support. It’s helpful to realize that you’re not alone and it will emphasize the good qualities that you have. A word of caution….It’s not helpful to wallow in self-pity discussions about the drawbacks of being who you are.  

What else can you do to learn more about yourself? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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