Do you feel uneasy about someone or something?
Photo by Danir Yangirov

Do you feel uneasy about someone or something?

Do you feel uncomfortable with certain people and not know why? Have you ever faced a situation that sounds good in theory, but that you suspect isn’t quite as it seems?

Highly sensitive people are deeply intuitive with powerful gut feelings. These feelings can be confusing because we don’t know why we mistrust a person or situation. In the absence of any evidence to support our thinking, we’re not sure how to respond.

Most of us, including myself, may not have the courage or foresight to listen to our inner feelings. Instead, we minimize our queasiness and just do what’s convenient or easy. I’ve learned the hard way that this is a monumental mistake. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right.

Below is a tip from my short e-book, Real World Advice Specifically For Highly Sensitive People, Volume 2.

Do you feel uneasy about someone or something? Your highly sensitive intuition is trying to tell you something. Have faith and listen to it. If something feels right or wrong, it probably is. The biggest mistakes I’ve made in life were when I went against what I instinctively knew.

Do you have strong gut feelings? Are they usually right? Do you tend to follow your intuition? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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