Do you act like you want to be?
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Do you act like you want to be?

This is a simple technique that helps you keep on a positive and productive life path. What do you want? Is it good health? Is there a person you admire who you’d like to emulate? What career path would you like to pursue?

You may not feel well, but why can’t you act like you’re healthy? You may not feel that you have the qualities of someone you admire, but why can’t you act like this person? You might have writing aspirations, but feel unqualified to do so. Why not act the part?

Don’t wait for a sign or for the right person to come along to help you. YOU are the person you are waiting for. YOUR DESIRE to move forward is the sign you’ve been looking for. YOU can move forward by acting like you want to be!

Acting like what you want to be will provide momentum for you to grow into your desires. You will have the mindset to pursue the actions to go after what you want. Earl Nightingale, the pioneer of personal development, proclaimed that “We become what we think about. Our thoughts become our actions, our actions become us. Think as if you already are the motivated person that you want to become.”

I must admit that this is not an easy thing to do. Right now, I’m having health issues. Although the reality is that I don’t feel well, I’m challenging myself to feel healthy no matter what. This puts me in a frame of mind to do whatever I need to do in order to reclaim my sense of well-being.

I never dreamed that I could be a writer and actually write a book. I accomplished this by acting like what I wanted to be. I started to act like a writer and began to journal my thoughts. I gathered information about writing and attended various self-help seminars over the course of many years. Before I knew it, I felt like a writer! It gave me the confidence and momentum to write my first book, Making Sense of Your High Sensitivity, about my life as a highly sensitive person and the lessons that I’ve learned.

This provided me with the confidence and information to grow into who I was and who I wanted to be. This period of acting and exploring enabled me to find out about my high sensitivity. I combined my strength of writing, my thirst for self-knowledge, and my “acting” ability into something that was truly meaningful for me.

I have had many challenges with my health and my HSP information business, but I’m motivated to “act” the part. I’ll act like I’m healthy and I’ll act like I’m the leader of a growing and thriving business. I expect these things to happen! We don’t always get what we deserve, but we can get what we expect.

What do you want? What do you expect? Use your HSP deep-thinking capabilities to figure this out. Why not “act” the part and go for it? What are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present. Your most fulfilling life awaits you!

Do you act like you want to be? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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  1. HSPTweets

    “Acting’ in this sense is a time-honored principle that moves you forward toward the success that you desire. Some people confuse ‘acting’ with ‘pretense’, which is an entirely different thing.

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