#HighlySensitivePeople: Are Highly Sensitive People More Prone to Health Issues?

I’ve been asked this question many times. Since I’m not a medical professional, I don’t have a definitive answer. I do know from personal experience, that if I have prolonged stress, my immune system is not working as well as it should.

I’m a highly sensitive person that’s like a human sponge that takes in everything around me. I exercise more self-care when life become too overwhelming. Being highly sensitive isn’t a character flaw orĀ  weakness. It’s a natural way of being. The more I understand myself, the sooner I take precautions to prevent physical/emotional illness/disease. (more…)

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#HighlySensitivePeople: Do You Love Your Highly Sensitive Self?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, do you take the time to appreciate the good qualities that you have? I know that this is the time to spread the love to others, but where does love truly start?

Think about it. When do you feel the most loving towards others? It’s when you feel good about yourself. When you are happy, you are much more inclined (and able) to give more of yourself to the people who you love. Self-love gives you clarity, patience, and the desire to share your joy. You are also better able to leverage your HSP instincts to anticipate what others need. (more…)

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#HighlySensitivePeople: Are You Happy?

Is happiness predetermined? There are many theories on this. I’ve heard that genetics can determine our happiness quotient. Our previous experiences and how we reacted to them plays a big part on our happiness. Our habits may also affect our positive state of being.

Have you ever heard a person say…”Things are going great, but I’m just not happy”? Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t find happiness?

I’ve often wondered why can’t we choose to be happy? Can’t we overcome our genetic unhappiness gene? Why can’t we change our knee-jerk unhappiness outlook on life? (more…)

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#HighlySensitivePeople: Do You Have Something To Be Excited About?

As highly sensitive people, it’s essential that we feel a sense of purpose, especially in these troubled times. We may talk endlessly about what our mission in life is, but not come up with answers. The best clue is to explore what excites you.

As for me, I’m excited! I look forward to writing more of these blog posts, providing HSP Email coaching, updating a book that I wrote fourteen years ago about my life as a highly sensitive person and the lessons that I’ve learned, and finishing a book on confidence. And above all, I appreciate your support and all the interactions I have with people who follow my work.


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