Are you losing your patience?
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Are you losing your patience?

Are you losing your patience? Unfortunately I am. Sometimes, things seem to bother me more as I get older. This is frustrating because I assumed that I’d be more tolerant and wiser at this stage of the game. Do you feel this way?

I decided that a self-assessment is needed to help alleviate my angst. What is actually bothering me? What can I do about it? These are very important questions that we need to ask ourselves when we feel more agitated than usual. (more…)

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What “pests” do you have in your life?

The word “pest” has many meanings. Words like annoying, troublesome, nuisance, destructive, and injurious come to mind. What kinds of pest situations do you have in your life?

I’m not talking about the normal insect and rodent pests. How about the people, situations, and negative thinking that can make your life miserable? Do you ever give this much thought? (more…)

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Does your mind wander?

Do you think about too many things at one time? Does your ability to concentrate and focus seem compromised? Are you easily overwhelmed? As highly sensitive people, these are among the many questions that we must ask ourselves.

I’m guilty of the above mentioned road blocks to a peaceful and productive life. It’s easy to get caught up in our daily grind and lose track of what’s really important in our lives. We clutter our brains with trivial things that block our ability to focus our time and energy on what matters most. (more…)

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Expert advice on easing school anxiety
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Expert advice on easing school anxiety

It’s been many years since I was in school, but I was always anxious about starting a new school year. This was because of the changes that occurred, such as having new teachers, new friends, new classes, and in some cases, new schools. Since many other HSPs have also mentioned having “back-to-school” anxiety as a kid, I thought I’d share this article on school anxiety.

Between the fear of the unknown and departure from routine, children may feel nervous about starting a new level of school, says Maria Deibler, a clinical psychologist at the Center for Emotional Health of Greater Philadelphia in Cherry Hill, NJ. (more…)

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