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Expert advice on easing school anxiety

It’s been many years since I was in school, but I was always anxious about starting a new school year. This was because of the changes that occurred, such as having new teachers, new friends, new classes, and in some cases, new schools. Since many other HSPs have also mentioned having “back-to-school” anxiety as a kid, I thought I’d share this article on school anxiety.

Between the fear of the unknown and departure from routine, children may feel nervous about starting a new level of school, says Maria Deibler, a clinical psychologist at the Center for Emotional Health of Greater Philadelphia in Cherry Hill, NJ. (more…)

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To go to a Meetup or not go to a Meetup?

Meetup groups serve a very useful purpose to bring together like-minded people who share a common interest. The meetings are normally in person and provide a safe way for people to socialize.

There’s a Meetup group for any kind of interest imaginable. Go to, type in your interest and zip code or country, and you’ll find a group in your immediate area. It’s easy and you don’t have to make a commitment to go to other meetings if it’s not right for you. (more…)

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