(8) Deciding What to Keep and What to Let Go

It’s amazing how much you can accumulate in thirty three years! My wife and I are collectors of many different types of items, and we hate throwing things out. We assign sentimental value, assume rarity, ponder some possible future use, or find just about any excuse to keep an item. Can any of you relate to this? As HSPs, it doesn’t take much for us to form emotional attachments, even to inanimate objects!

To further illustrate this point, I’ll admit that we still had my daughter’s baby clothes, crib, and the many projects that she had from all of her school years. She’s currently thirty-seven! A word of warning to parents of all ages… Your kids don’t want anything that you’re saving! (more…)

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(9) What do we do with our house?

Once we finished clearing the excess clutter out of our home, the next step was to determine how to maximize the value of our home. We felt that our house needed some updating in order to get the best possible price. In true HSP fashion, I spent a lot of time researching which improvements would give us the best return. We decided to update the kitchen and carpeting, paint all of the rooms, and hire a handyman for general repairs.


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(10) Selling our Home: Taking the Road Less Traveled

My wife and I considered the options we had for selling our house. We could list it with a real estate agent, or sell it on our own. There were pros and cons of each. If we went with an agent, we would save time and stress. If we chose to sell it ourselves, we could save thousands of dollars, but there would be an extensive learning curve. Our primary goals were to maximize profit and make a timely sale.

After extensive research and careful deliberation, we made the uncommon choice to sell our house without a real estate agent. The deciding factor was the considerable amount of money we would save. Second on the list was the fact that we knew our home of thirty-three years better than anyone else. (more…)

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(11) How I Used My Highly Sensitive Intuition To Sell My House

Had I not tapped into my HSP intuition and powers of observation, I honestly don’t think our house would have sold as quickly as it did! My ability to “read” people and to understand their motivations gave me the insight I needed to facilitate the sale.

Since we were selling our house on our own, realtors would call us directly to make appointments to bring clients to see the house. Upon arrival, I would greet them at the door and tell them briefly about the house. The agent would then take the prospective buyers on a private tour. (more…)

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