Is discomfort bad?

At first glance, discomfort does seem bad, but it can prevent you from expanding the many possibilities that you have? It’s human nature to want to stay in your comfort zone, but does this help you?

Questioning your discomfort is a good starting point to see if your uneasy feelings are justified. If not, why not go for it? If so, it might be a good idea to dig deeper about the cause. Perhaps your angst is coming from somewhere else that needs to be explored and examined. (more…)

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What are some characteristics of achievers?
Photo by Chen Hu

What are some characteristics of achievers?

What are some characteristics of achievers? I’m going to list a few of mine. I’m sure that you can relate to them as a highly sensitive person. They are as follows:

  • More concerned about personal achievement than the rewards of success. I get great satisfaction from doing something well. The monetary reward is secondary, though I’m not against making money and enjoying the benefits and freedom that it provides. (more…)

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What prevents us from doing our best?

As highly sensitive people, it’s important for us to use our deep-thinking capabilities to think about the things that get in the way of our highest potential. How can we improve if we don’t know what’s holding us back?

Below is a list of things that have been roadblocks for me. See if you can relate to any of them.

  • Fear of failure: This is an ongoing challenge for me. I’ve come to realize that everyone makes mistakes, and that I’ve been able to overcome mistakes that I’ve made in the past. I have learned so many lessons from the things that have not gone well, that on some level, I’m grateful for having made those mistakes.  (more…)

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Is the education system as good as it can be?

Is the education system as good as it can be? This is a very debatable and controversial topic and question. There are many answers depending on the relationship that you have with the educational system.

Parents have mixed emotions about their school systems. If the parents have an interest and are involved in their child activities, the better their child will thrive. Also, the better the school system, it increases the odds of having better teachers. (more…)

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