Are you living up to your true potential?

Are you living up to your true potential?

Are you living up to your true potential? If not, it might be time to take an honest personal assessment of what’s holding you back.

Some people are born doers. Some people are born thinkers. Some think about doing and never get anything done. There are many ways to become a person of action and what works for someone else may not work for you.

Action people are usually people who are organized and seem to know exactly how to proceed from one project to another seamlessly and without effort. Others flounder in a world of disorganization, moving one piece of paper to another location without knowing why.

Doers typically have more energy than at the beginning of the day. The reason for this is because they enjoy what they do and have a feeling of accomplishment. If you don’t feel this way, perhaps you’re in the wrong field of work that doesn’t utilize your talents and interests.

Lack of organizational skills might cause you to not be productive. Whether it’s your home or business, make a to-do list and prioritize it. What’s the best use of your time? Put the most important ones at the top and each time you complete a goal or project, scratch it off and feel the satisfaction. Don’t mark it off until it’s done. Maybe you might have to change priorities. That’s fine, but finish one thing at a time.

Do you give yourself excuses for not being able to succeed? Perhaps you think that your high sensitivity or any other perceived handicap is holding you back. How many stories have you read or heard about people who have succeeded despite incredible physical or mental hardships?

Being highly sensitive isn’t a handicap, but can be used to your advantage. The key is to know yourself well and put yourself in situations where you can thrive.

Are you living up to your true potential? If not, why not? It does take effort to figure yourself out, it might take some experimentation with different endeavors, but you’ll be well rewarded with a very productive life where you can live your life on your own terms.

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