Is fear holding you back?

Is fear holding you back? If you’re a human being, it probably is or has. When you’re faced with making a change or doing something different our “fear sensors” naturally kick in and says danger, danger or trouble ahead, trouble ahead! Isn’t this true?

Here are some warning signs that fear is holding you back:

* Are you afraid to make a mistake and look incompetent?

* When you’re faced with a new opportunity, do you give yourself more reasons to not take a chance? (more…)

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Do you overthink?
Photo by Benjamin Davies

Do you overthink?

Do you overthink? I know this is a funny question to ask a highly sensitive person. I definitely do! I’m making a conscious effort to eradicate this habit because it makes me crazy.

Highly sensitive people tend to be over-analyzers. It’s fine to analyze something, but it becomes counterproductive to overdo it. Ruminating over possible solutions raises anxiety and lessens our ability to solve problems.

When I overthink something, it’s often because I’m trying to make a “perfect” decision. I have to keep reminding myself that there’s no perfect decision. Being a perfectionist just keeps me stuck in perpetual disappointment. (more…)

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Should you explain yourself?

Should you explain yourself? It depends. Do you need to clarify what you’ve said or done? Do you need to defend yourself? Is it necessary to defend yourself? What do you want to do?

At first thought, the need to explain myself, sends shivers down my spine. It means to me that I made a mistake and have to come up with reasons why I made it. Feelings of inferiority and shame come to mind. Lack of self-esteem were the reason for these feelings.

In yesterday’s Super Bowl, Peyton Manning, one of the best quarterbacks of all time, was asked by a reporter if he was embarrassed with his personal and his team’s poor performance. (more…)

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