Does procrastination serve you well?

Does procrastination serve you well? Many times we procrastinate not because we’re lazy but because of the difficulty of the problem at hand. As we ponder a situation, as many of us highly sensitive people do, we can weed out what isn’t important leading us to a better solution.

Procrastination can teach us discipline, patience, and the ability to work better under pressure. While we ponder we’re searching for a more effective way to do a task, which is a form of time management. Procrastination prompts subliminal organization. (more…)

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Can perfectionism help or hurt you?

Can perfectionism help or hurt you? Let’s explore this by looking at the definitions, advantages and disadvantages of this very complex word.

Perfectionist word definitions include: flawless, faultless, extreme, obsessive, supreme, excellence, ideal standard, extremely high standards, and doing something well. At first glance, perfectionism should be a virtue, but there’s a lot of pain and frustration associated with it. It can help you do your best or it can immobilize you. (more…)

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What are you putting off?

Have you ever had a task that you’ve been putting off? Does it make you feel guilty and uneasy? Do you have a strong sense of non-completion that you seem to have a lot of loose ends? I know that everyone can relate to these questions.

My wife and I are in the process of better organizing our house. Just the thought of this makes us feel overwhelmed. We’ve been living in our house over thirty years. We’re collectors of everything! The thought of us actually parting with something is very nerve-wracking indeed! (more…)

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I’m proud to be a perfectionist!

“Absolute perfection is impossible to achieve,” you will insist, and of course you’ll be correct. But what is so wrong about making an extraordinary effort in every task that you undertake? As a productive force, perfectionism provides the drive to do one’s best.

I’m a highly sensitive person and a perfectionist. These characteristics seem to be linked together. They can be strengths if they’re not taken to the extreme. (more…)

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