Resources for Highly Sensitive People
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Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D. -- The Highly Sensitive Person
Dr. Aron has done the groundbreaking research on Highly Sensitive People. She has written three books on this subject that include information about relationships and HSP children.

Douglas Eby -- Highly Sensitive
Douglas Eby, M.A./Psychology is a writer, researcher and online publisher. As a highly sensitive person, he developed this site to help people better understand emotional and psychological aspects of being sensitive, and also related traits of shyness and introversion. He also covers sensitivity on his main site Talent Development Resources

Thomas Eldridge, Ph.D. -- Highly Sensitive People
Thomas is a Holistic Coach, Consultant and Certified Teleclass Leader. His website has an excellent HSP business and professional directory as well as many other resources.

Jim Hallowes -- Highly Sensitive People
Jim is an award-winning advertising director, art director, and graphic designer. His website has extensive resources for HSPs.

Amy McNeil -- Tiny Fairy Press
Amy is an author, publisher, spiritual teacher, and fellow HSP. She writes entertaining yet meaningful children's books, which carry wonderful messages. She also writes inspirational material for adults.

Peter Messerschmidt
HSP Notes Blog (published continually since 2002)
The Northeastern States HSP Group  (DE, MD, NJ, PA, DC)
The Boston and New England HSP Group
The New York HSP Group

Peter is a fellow HSP dedicated to bringing together HSPs and generating "HSP Awareness" via the internet. He maintains several HSP-related web sites, blogs, and Yahoo Groups.

Jacquelyn Strickland -- Lifeworks Counseling and Coaching
Jacquelyn is a Licensed Professional Counselor, coach, and workshop leader. She also has an annual gathering for Highly Sensitive People.

Ted Zeff, Ph.D. -- Dr. Ted Zeff's Official Web Site
Dr. Zeff is a psychologist who discusses coping strategies for HSPs. His book, The Highly Sensitive Person's Survival Guide, gives excellent tips and suggestions with a holistic point of view. 

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