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Making Sense of Your High SensitivityMaking Sense of Your High SensitivityPrint Version - 90 pages.
Discover, develop and maximize your highly sensitive person traits. See more info link to look inside book.
Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff
Emotional Freedom In her book, Emotional Freedom, by Dr. Judith Orloff describes ways to stay intuitively and spiritually centered in our times. As an HSP herself, her book is a tribute to those who are highly sensitive and offers many strategies to stay grounded and protected in an overwhelming world.

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Making Sense of Your High Sensitivity

I read your book, and I LOVED it! Very interesting information for anyone. The writing flows well and reads easily. It kept my attention and, I wanted to know more. I definitely saw myself in many of the situations you discussed.”
-- Lydia R., NJ 
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