Music Therapy for Delicate Nervous Systems

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Sound is a vital nutrient for the nervous system. When we are stressed out or not well, the body’s ability to process sound is diminished. The Essential Sound Series is specially designed to trigger the recuperative process by providing harmonic-rich, simplified sound. This is welcome news for Highly Sensitive People, who have delicate immune and nervous systems, as well as anyone with a need for deep, restorative relaxation.

The person behind this unique sound series is Joshua Leeds, a music producer, educator, and sound researcher. He is one of few published authorities in the exciting new field of psychoacoustics — the study of the effects of music and sound on the human nervous system.

Essential Sound was originally designed for healing and wellness. It is successfully used by clinics and hospitals in America and Europe and has been proven to be an effective adjunct to other healing modalities.

The psychoacoustic techniques used in these soundtracks also contribute to the enhancement of healthy lives. Many people use Essential Sound for increased focus, exercise, office ambience, or mood adjustment. Feel free to experiment and discover how this music can benefit your life. Listen and enjoy!

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Essential Sound

Essential Sound

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CalmCalmA 2-CD set that uses psychoacoustic techniques to promote calm and relaxation.
EnergyEnergyA 2-CD set that uses psychoacoustic techniques to invigorate and energize you.
Sound AsleepSound AsleepA 2-CD set that uses psychoacoustic techniques to promote restful sleep.
UpliftingUpliftingA 2-CD set that uses psychoacoustic techniques to promote focus and mood enhancement.
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