Is learning early in life important?

Is learning early in life important? Using your brain particularly during adolescence, may help brain cells survive and could impact how the brain functions after puberty.

According to a recently published study in “Frontiers in Neuroscience,” Rutgers behavioral and systems neuroscientist Tracey Shors, who co-authored the study, found that the newborn brain cells in young rats that were successful at learning survived while the same brain cells in animals that didn’t master the task died quickly. (more…)

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Do you read to your child?

Parents are the first teachers that a child will encounter. You have a unique opportunity to start your child in the right direction. Many parents turn to early learning as a way to not only enhance their child’s knowledge, but also to build a strong bond early with their baby.

The early years of your child’s life are when they learn to trust you, and to learn that they can rely on mommy and daddy no matter what happens. The act of bonding with your child is one that will probably be the strongest bond you’ll ever have. (more…)

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