Do you utilize this natural HSP resource?

Do you utilize this natural HSP resource? What is this natural HSP resource you may ask? It’s keen observation skills! If you’re a highly sensitive person, this should come very easy to you. Don’t we HSPs take in everything around us? Being observant is the key to creativity.

Creativity is all around us and each of us has the ability to be creative – it’s just a part of who we are. Sometimes it comes easy and sometimes it doesn’t. If the latter is the case for you and creativity seems challenging, it doesn’t have to be. All you need to do is train yourself to be creative and you’d be surprised that it can be as simple as practicing your powers of observation and becoming better aware of your surroundings. (more…)

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Where do you find your inspiration?

Where do you find your inspiration? It’s important that highly sensitive people exercise their natural resource of creativity to feel fulfilled. The more inspiration and creativity you utilize, the more self-esteem and happiness you will feel.

I find my inspiration from everywhere! I’m very aware of everything around me. Isn’t this typical of highly sensitive people? I listen to what other people are saying, read articles and books, and am a constant observer of human nature. I never know where my inspiration may come. I might be watching a TV show or listening to the radio. Perhaps I may be outdoors and come up with ideas. I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from the posts that I read on the internet. (more…)

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Do you spend enough alone time?

Do you spend enough alone time? A common theme among us highly sensitive people is that we enjoy being by ourselves. It allows us to have quiet time, which can sometimes be essential to re-charging our emotional and physical batteries and honing our creativity.

While alone time is a good thing and does help get our creative juices flowing, by no means does it mean that we have to be anti-social. (more…)

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Do you think out of the box?

Do you think out of the box? I read a very interesting Facebook post about a girl scout selling her cookies outside a non-conventional place (marijuana dispensary). To me, this girl is thinking out of the box and being successful by selling 117 boxes in 2 hours!

This story reminds me of a time when my daughter, Stephanie, was selling girl scout cookies. This was a time when girl scout cookies cost $2.25 per box! Anyway, she excitedly came home and told me that she wanted to sell 150 boxes to get a cool sweat shirt. She mentioned that she could start selling on a specific day after school. (more…)

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