Do you need more tips for the holiday blues?

Do you need more tips for the holiday blues? Here are some more. They are as follows:

* Tell the truth! I’m not saying you need to publicly broadcast it. But, if you want any chance of passing through the blues, you must, must, must, honor how you REALLY feel. Write it down AND speak out loud. Just “thinking” about it in your head will NOT produce the same beneficial effects. Here is an example to help you get started. EXAMPLE: “I am really feeling overwhelmed and sad this holiday season. It is important for me to acknowledge my struggles. I understand that by doing so I am releasing some of the pressure that I have put on myself to fit in and be happy. I also understand that by releasing this pressure I am giving myself the opportunity to relax and by relaxing I am giving myself the possibility for a better experience.” (more…)

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How do you really feel about the holidays?

How do you really feel about the holidays? I must admit that the period between Thanksgiving and New Years Day is not my favorite time of the year. The days are short and the weather is getting colder.

Like many people, I tend to experience a feeling of sadness and regret during the holidays. Another year is coming to an end, I’m getting older, and I have a few more aches and pains. I reflect on the past and worry about the year to come. I find it hard to watch television or read a newspaper without being affected by all the gloom and doom about current events and the financial crisis. (more…)

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Does technology stress you out?

Does technology stress you out? More news has been coming out about the various effects of technology on our world. For some, it’s had an amazing contribution to their lives. For others, it’s detracting from their real life interactions with others.

But a new Gallup poll is showing that those who feel that technology is causing them more stress still feel they have better lives! So stress may not be synonymous with life satisfaction for everyone. (more…)

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Do you have any demanding people in your life?

Do you have any demanding people in your life? I know that this is a ridiculous question for me to ask. Everyone does! They come disguised in many forms. It could be a relative, friend, boss, co-worker, customers, or someone who we casually come in contact with such as in a grocery store. Have I left anyone out? Feel free to add to the list!

Have you ever thought that it would be wonderful to not have to deal with people all the time? I know that I have. There are some people who cause me to have anxiety, frustration, anger, and in some cases cause me to be just like them…DEMANDING, UNREASONABLE, AND DIFFICULT TO BE AROUND. Can anyone relate to my plight? (more…)

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