Are you organized?

I write this blog post as I’m in the process of doing major organizing in my home. It seems to be an overwhelming task. Where do I start? Can anyone relate to my dilemma?

I’m organized in a disorganized kind of way. Does this make sense? To give you an example, I have a habit of clipping articles from many sources on different topics that I’m interested in.  I have numerous folders with headings of specific topics. Sounds organized doesn’t it? Wrong! I’m still overwhelmed! (more…)

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Should things happen the way we want them to?

In an ideal world, yes they should. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we lived in a “perfect” world where everything went according to plan. However, life is so unpredictable, conditions and situations do change.

How often have you planned something and it turned out much different from what you originally thought? Different doesn’t necessarily mean worse. In many instances, the adjustments that we make can actually make our original plan better. (more…)

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