How “connected” are you?

How “connected” are you? Studies show that our capacity to connect with other people plays an important role in our personal happiness, longevity, and ability to handle stress.

Unfortunately, since highly sensitive people tend to need a lot of “alone” time, it’s relatively easy to get caught up in our own “little worlds”. While it’s healthy to have some alone time, we need to be careful that we don’t take it too far and become socially isolated. (more…)

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Is fear holding you back?

Is fear holding you back? If you’re a human being, it probably is or has. When you’re faced with making a change or doing something different our “fear sensors” naturally kick in and says danger, danger or trouble ahead, trouble ahead! Isn’t this true?

Here are some warning signs that fear is holding you back:

* Are you afraid to make a mistake and look incompetent?

* When you’re faced with a new opportunity, do you give yourself more reasons to not take a chance? (more…)

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Is discomfort bad?

Is discomfort bad? At first glance, yes it is, but does it prevent you from expanding the many possibilities that you have? It’s human nature to go against your comfort zone, but does this help you?

Questioning your discomfort is a good starting point to see if your uneasy feelings are justified. If not, why not go for it? If so, it might be a good idea to dig deeper about the cause. Perhaps your angst is coming from somewhere else that needs to be explored and examined. (more…)

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What prevents us from doing our best?

What prevents you from doing your best? It’s important that we HSPs use our deep-thinking capabilities to answer this question. How can we improve if we don’t know what’s holding us back?

Here is a list of things that have held me back. See if you can relate to any of them. They are as follows:

* Fear of failure, change— This is an ongoing challenge for me. I’ve come to realize that everyone makes mistakes and that I’ve overcome the many mistakes that I’ve made in the past. Many lessons have been learned from the things that have not gone well. The changes that I’ve made have been in small increments so I don’t become overwhelmed. Life experience has helped me become more self-confident to handle anything that comes my way. I can always change direction as the situation dictates. (more…)

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