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Karma Cards

Karma Cards

Karma Cards
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Karma CardsKarma Postcards (Combination Pack)

Send or give your family & friends a blessing of Happiness, Healing, Harmony, and Balance.

The package contains 8 postcards, 2 of each kind.

These cards were created by Amy McNeil, graphic designer, spiritual teacher, and owner of In Spirit Publications.

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May you be filled with happiness and joy,
Have meaning and purpose in your life,
Be surrounded by friends who love you,
Protected by angels who guide you,
And bask in the glory of your being.


May you be filled with peace and harmony,
Embraced by kindred spirits who celebrate your many gifts,
Show respect for those who walk a different path,
Face difficulties with dignity and grace,
And leave a legacy of love, joy, and compassion wherever you go.


May you have peace, joy, and balance in your life,
Be blessed with comfort, health, and abundance,
Cultivate love and harmony in your relationships,
Embrace your highest potential,
And be open to receive all of life’s magnificence.


May you be filled with comfort and peace,
Bathed by light and warmth that melts away your pain,
Hear the whisper of your angels and know they are near,
Discover strength you never knew you had,
And feel the loving compassion of those who hold you dear.