What positive action steps are you going to take this year?

What 10 positive action steps are you going to take this year? I’m going to list my action steps to help you start the process. Make a written list and refer to it every day. It’s important to keep up this repetition to keep you focused on the right path. It’s too easy to become distracted by everyday life.

(1) I’m going to conquer becoming upset over the little things. I tend to let “upsets” set the tone for my day. It’s normal to be bothered, but not at the expense of not having a productive day that clutter your thought process. Acknowledging these distractions and letting them go is the only way for me to go! (more…)

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Can we learn from joy and sorrow?

Can we learn from joy and sorrow? We’re all periodically visited by joy and sorrow in our lives. What we do with the experiences set apart the survivors from those who let either one overtake them. If you’ve never experienced sadness, you’re missing one of the great character-building elements in your life. If you’ve never experienced joy, you’re missing one of the greatest building blocks to success and true happiness.

Sorrow can turn you into a bitter person and ruin what chances you have at true love and abundance of good things in your life. It can keep you from attracting the positive forces that will enhance your life. (more…)

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Do you need more tips for the holiday blues?

Do you need more tips for the holiday blues? Here are some more. They are as follows:

* Tell the truth! I’m not saying you need to publicly broadcast it. But, if you want any chance of passing through the blues, you must, must, must, honor how you REALLY feel. Write it down AND speak out loud. Just “thinking” about it in your head will NOT produce the same beneficial effects. Here is an example to help you get started. EXAMPLE: “I am really feeling overwhelmed and sad this holiday season. It is important for me to acknowledge my struggles. I understand that by doing so I am releasing some of the pressure that I have put on myself to fit in and be happy. I also understand that by releasing this pressure I am giving myself the opportunity to relax and by relaxing I am giving myself the possibility for a better experience.” (more…)

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Does perfectionism help you?

Does perfectionism help you? It’s fine to do something to the best of your ability, but at what cost to your well-being and efficiency?

Do you have to be a perfectionist to be successful? Not necessarily. How many perfectionists try to be “too perfect” and fail to finish what they start? How many don’t start at all? There’s no evidence that perfectionists are more successful than their non-perfectionist counterparts. Given similar levels of talent, skill, or intellect, perfectionists perform less successfully than non-perfectionists because they try to obtain something that’s impossible to obtain. (more…)

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