Are you thankful for your high sensitivity?

Are you thankful for your high sensitivity? Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and appreciate all that we have. While it’s nice to have a holiday to remind us to be grateful, there’s no reason to focus our gratitude on just one day.

Unfortunately, our culture tends to accentuate the negative aspects of life. Every time we look at the news, we hear about accidents, horrific crimes, and other sad stories. It’s no wonder we have a tendency to think negatively about ourselves, humanity, and life in general. (more…)

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Do you have too many “shoulds”in your life?

Do you have too many “shoulds” in your life? Do you find yourself saying to yourself….I should do this or I should do that?

Why should you have to do anything? Shouldn’t you be free to do what you want and not be bound by what you think you should do?

It seems to be a natural inclination for highly sensitive people to put others people’s needs ahead of their own. Why is this so? Have we been too conditioned to not think about what we want and need? (more…)

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Some Wise Advice from Dr. Bernie Siegel

Here’s some wise advice from Dr. Bernie Siegel from notes that I had taken from a lecture that I attended in November 2001. Dr Siegel is an American writer and retired pediatric surgeon who writes on the relationship between the patient and the healing process. He is known for his best-selling book Love, Medicine and Miracles.

* “We learn the most from our troubles.”

* “We should ask ourselves…How can we make the world beautiful?”

* “Pay attention to what makes you feel good. Live what you love.” (more…)

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Does the Law of Attraction work for you or against you?

Does the Law of Attraction work for you or against you? I’m a big believer in the Law of Attraction. The law of attraction is a simple concept. If you focus on the positive, you’ll attract the positive. If you focus on the negative, you’ll attract the negative.

Some people think that the Law of Attraction is utterly ridiculous because of the simplicity of this concept. I have found that my attitude both positive and negative has helped me attract whatever my attitude was. (more…)

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