Do you have a sense of urgency?

Do you have a sense of urgency? I do! I probably have triple the amount of a sense of urgency than most people. This doesn’t make me a better person, but I get frustrated when I and others don’t give their best effort.

My definition of a sense of urgency is having a burning desire to accomplish or do something in a time efficient and organized way. Not a perfect way, but an honest effort way. In my personal and business pursuits, I find that too many people don’t share my feelings.

Have you called a doctor, lawyer, accountant, service person or any other type of business and feel that you’re not being heard? You voice your complaint and they think that you’re crazy for wanting them to do what they are supposed to do! The truth is that these people are not truly committed to their service to others.

These people want you to believe that mediocre service is a way of life and that you have to accept it. No we don’t!! If people complained more they could stamp out the many mediocre!

Having a sense of urgency is the key ingredient to accomplish everything. This strong desire is the fuel to get your motivational engine running to take the steps needed to do what you want.

Don’t have a sense of urgency? You probably don’t have a strong purpose. Now is the time to get one!! Without it, you become stale and become a member of the many mediocre.

Being the highly sensitive person that I am, I need a sense of purpose and accomplishment to be happy. What about you?

When you look back at your successes in life, you’ll probably discover that you had a strong sense of urgency to accomplish something that was truly important to you.

Do you have a sense of urgency? I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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  1. No. Apparently I’m mediocre. I’m fine with that.

    1. You’re not mediocre. If you fine with who you are, you’re part of the extraordinary.

  2. Definitely. And I’m struggling so much in a sleepy world…

  3. Definatelly, almost with every situation that requires action. Strange thing is that people, even my psychotherapeut keeps telling me over and over again that this is how the world is and that it will never change. That I will never change the way someone is doing their job. But I don’t believe it. If no one ever gets them to notice this, how will it ever change. I do believe people can change their perspective or view….. but if I don’t even try, nothing’s ever going to change. I find it hard to just accept it because the feeling of urgency is huge inside me. I still doubt myself though, because of what other people tell me. It’s just bureaucratics, it’s just how life is, other people don’t care about their or others feelings, that’s just how they are able to do their jobs….. I wouldn’t do my job like that…. I wouldn’t be able to, to not or almost not care.

    Anyway, I still have no idea how to deal with it or what’s the right way for me to deal with all of this. Just accept it or keep fighting for change?

    1. I’ve come to the realization that you can’t change others. I can however change how I react to others!

      1. So then the conclusion would be that the sense of urge has no purpose?

        And in what way do you react to others regarding this topic? As you mentioned you’ve changed the way you react. And I mean other than to become “mediocre” and/or “stale” as you call it above.

        1. A sense urgency does have a purpose. I choose to use my sense of urgency for things that are truly important to me. We all have choices to decide where we want to place our energies. I know that I don’t have an unlimited energy supply, so I’m selective where I place it. It’s human nature to have a strong purpose or challenge to keep ourselves from becoming stagnant.

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