Do you do the best with what you have?

Do you do the best with what you have? I read an interesting article by Stephen Pelletier who is an executive vice president and CEO of Prudential Insurance U.S. based businesses. He recalled his experience in attending the 2014 USA Games of the Special Olympics in New Jersey.

Mr. Pelletier’s thoughts are as follows:

The talents that were showcased were inspirational and served as reminders that disabled people should be given an opportunity to thrive in the workplace.

My son, Tom, a participant in the Special Olympics has received a medal in swimming. He is nearly blind and was diagnosed on the autism spectrum as an infant. Tom is an accomplished chef and is also a skilled technologist who knows his way around a personal computer better than his father does.

Businesses are overlooking an important resource of hiring the disabled that needs to be considered. Companies would not only be doing the right thing, but the smart thing by getting their talent from the widest pool, without excluding potentially productive associates.

Connecting with the growing networks around the country that advocate for workers with disabilities is good business. These organizations include: Springboard Consulting and the National Organization on Disability.

I was inspired and informed by this article. I was inspired with Tom for his many accomplishments despite his challenges. I was informed about the many people with disabilities who have many abilities and are overlooked for job opportunities.

I see on internet forums and getting correspondence from many highly sensitive people who feel that their high sensitivity is a handicap. It is, if you feel that you are handicapped. I’ve never felt this way. I’m on the high side of being highly sensitive. I’ve found that acceptance and learning more about myself has allowed me to do the best with what I have. Do you do the best with what you have? Tom and all of the Special Olympics participants sure do! I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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