Where do you find your inspiration?

Where do you find your inspiration? It’s important that highly sensitive people exercise their natural resource of creativity to feel fulfilled. The more inspiration and creativity you utilize, the more self-esteem and happiness you will feel.

I find my inspiration from everywhere! I’m very aware of everything around me. Isn’t this typical of highly sensitive people? I listen to what other people are saying, read articles and books, and am a constant observer of human nature. I never know where my inspiration may come. I might be watching a TV show or listening to the radio. Perhaps I may be outdoors and come up with ideas. I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from the posts that I read on the internet.

I use these inspirations to write my books, newsletters, this blog post, and my Facebook and Twitter posts. This is a very important part of my life. I purposely incorporate these inspirations into my life every day. How can you do the same?

A Rutgers University graduating senior, Victoria Widener, makes art with a purpose. She gets her inspiration from scrapes of food left on a cafeteria tray, trash found along a city street, or a plastic bag hanging on a tree limb.

For Widener, it’s more than garbage. She describes her work as eco-art. Art is anything that can inspire people and move them to feel something.

As she embarks on new challenges, she has words of advice to others who aren’t sure of their future plans. “It’s okay to be lost, as long as you keep your mind open, eventually you stumble into whatever it is that you are supposed to be doing.”

That is very good advice indeed! Where do you find your inspiration? How can you use it for your personal benefit to help others. I’m interested in any thoughts or comments that you have.

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