I need your input!

I need your input! I’ve been struggling with an upcoming situation and I’m conflicted about what to do. My mother is going to have her 90th birthday on July 10th. That date comes out on a Thursday and my sisters want to celebrate on the weekend because of work schedules.

I’m a traditionalist and believe that a birthday should be celebrated on the exact day. Especially a milestone birthday such as this. Isn’t that why they call it a birthday? (more…)

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Emotions…a poem by a fellow highly sensitive person
Photo by Jan Phoenix

Emotions…a poem by a fellow highly sensitive person

I received this poem by Ashley Gurka. I related to everything that she described. Here’s a very deep analysis of what it’s like to be a highly sensitive person.

From Ashley: “I could never understand why I felt emotions so deeply and intensely. My only outlet is poetry. It all makes sense knowing that I am a highly sensitive person. I wanted to share a poem I wrote about my emotions.”


Your worst enemy displayed,
Always hated but never strayed, (more…)

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Interested in some natural home remedies?

Interested in some natural home remedies? Highly sensitive people look into doing things in non-conventional ways. Here are some natural home remedies for you to consider:

Good for relieving anxiety: If you’re feeling stressed, put pressure on the point located between your thumb and index finger. Use the opposite thumb and forefinger to squeeze and release the muscle for thirty seconds.

Good for insomnia: Nutmeg is a spice that’s actually a mild sedative. Sprinkle 1/4 cup teaspoon into warm milk and sip before you go to sleep. (more…)

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Do you have afternoon crash?

Do you have afternoon crash? I certainly do! My energy starts to get depleted between two and four in the afternoon. I recently read an article by nutritionist, Nancy Clark, RD that’s been helpful to me. I also plan my activity or non-activity on my mental and physical capacities.

She stated that most people tend to get hungry every three to four hours, so if you eat breakfast at eight A.M. and lunch at noon, your body needs to chow down around three P.M. or you risk getting a fuzzy, tired feeling. (more…)

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