How do you make others feel?

How do you make others feel? An honest answer to this question is vital! Are people genuinely glad to see you? Do they feel better or maybe uplifted by your presence or by what you have said to them?

Although I’m not perfect, I try to be a positive force whenever I meet someone in person or communicate with them with my writing. Taking a genuine interest in the welfare of others is my personal philosophy. Being encouraging to others makes me feel good and I get a sense of personal satisfaction when I can be of service to others through my HSP Coaching, blog, and my Facebook and Twitter posts. (more…)

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Do you take things for granted?

Do you take things for granted? There’s a natural tendency to do so. Today is Memorial Day in the United States. This holiday pays tribute to the courageous soldiers who lost their lives to protect the freedom that Americans enjoy.

Unfortunately this time of remembrance and respect sometimes gets lost and people don’t remember the ultimate sacrifices that these brave soldiers made.

Family vacations, Memorial Day sales in retail stores, going down the seashore, and barbecues symbolize the beginning of summer. It’s a shame that something as important as the true spirit of Memorial Day gets taken for granted. (more…)

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You don’t have to face difficulties alone.

You don’t have to face difficulties alone. No matter how small or large a challenge you have, it definitely helps to seek help. Getting a fresh perspective can give you more options and will make you feel better that you’re not alone.

I’ve been feeling anxious about my mother’s upcoming 90th birthday. You would think that I shouldn’t feel this way because it’s a joyous and momentous occasion. You would be right! My feelings stem from past dealings with my sisters, regarding making arrangements for setting up the details for holidays and celebrations. We never agree and there’s hard feelings! Can anyone relate to my dilemma? (more…)

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