What’s the root cause of your procrastination?

What’s the root cause of your procrastination? Procrastination can manifest itself in many forms and for many reasons. It’s primarily the avoidance of a task or project that needs to be done usually within a certain time frame. Few of us have escaped the clutches of procrastination at one time or another in our life because it’s so easy to succumb to its seductive ways.

Procrastination can take many forms such as watching too much television, being on the internet more than you need to, browsing through your email, excessive reading, doing unnecessary household chores, being on the telephone, over sleeping, and even the excuse of helping a friend. Procrastinators seldom do nothing, but what they do is hardly useful.

For many the underlying root problem of procrastination is fear and anxiety. Do you feel anxious about a task and do you choose to ignore it? This is a serious problem for students who have many deadlines to meet but it’s also a growing problem for those in the home and workplace. (more…)

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Would you like to be in your own business?

Would you like to be in your own business? This might sound tempting to you if you’re sick of the “rat race” of being in a corporate situation, working with people who don’t share your values and interests, or maybe you might be worried about downsizing and layoffs in your company.

I knew at an early age that I couldn’t work for anyone. I came to this conclusion when I worked in a corporation and then worked in a family business. I never liked the idea of anyone telling me what to do. This included my parents, teachers, and employers. (more…)

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Do you see yourself a victim of your high sensitivity?

Do you see yourself a victim of your high sensitivity? I don’t and never have. This post isn’t meant to talk you out of your feelings about yourself, but to give you a new perspective.

I always felt like I was different, but I couldn’t understand why and what the cause was. Eight years ago I went to a class called “Are you a highly sensitive person?”. I always knew that I was a sensitive person, but I never heard of the term of being a highly sensitive person. I had a compelling need to attend this class! (more…)

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Is happiness a choice?

Is happiness a choice? It depends on who you ask. If a person is relatively happy with their lives, they might say that they made the right choices that made them that way. If a person is unhappy, they might say that they were a victim of circumstances.

Where do you fit in? Success and happiness are intertwined. Are you successful? Success can mean having a fulfilling career, being a loving parent, having wonderful relationships, or maybe having a sense of control over your life. (more…)

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