What prevents us from doing our best?

What prevents you from doing your best? It’s important that we HSPs use our deep-thinking capabilities to answer this question. How can we improve if we don’t know what’s holding us back?

Here is a list of things that have held me back. See if you can relate to any of them. They are as follows:

* Fear of failure, change— This is an ongoing challenge for me. I’ve come to realize that everyone makes mistakes and that I’ve overcome the many mistakes that I’ve made in the past. Many lessons have been learned from the things that have not gone well. The changes that I’ve made have been in small increments so I don’t become overwhelmed. Life experience has helped me become more self-confident to handle anything that comes my way. I can always change direction as the situation dictates. (more…)

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Is the education system as good as it can be?

Is the education system as good as it can be? This is a very debatable and controversial topic and question. There are many answers depending on the relationship that you have with the educational system.

Parents have mixed emotions about their school systems. If the parents have an interest and are involved in their child activities, the better their child will thrive. Also, the better the school system, it increases the odds of having better teachers. (more…)

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Is happiness predetermined?

Is happiness predetermined? There are many theories on this. I’ve heard that genetics can determine our happiness quotient. Our previous experiences and how we reacted to them plays a big part on our happiness. Our habits may also affect our positive state of being.

Have you ever heard a person say…”Things are going great, but I’m just not happy”? Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t find happiness?

I’ve often wondered why can’t we choose to be happy? Can’t we overcome our genetic unhappiness gene? Why can’t we change our knee-jerk unhappiness outlook on life? (more…)

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Are you losing your patience?

Are you losing your patience? Unfortunately I am. Sometimes, things seem to bother me more as I get older. This is frustrating because I thought that I’d be more tolerant and wiser at this stage of the game. Do you feel this way?

I decided that a self-assessment is needed to help alleviate my angst. What is actually bothering me? What can I do about it? These are very important questions that we need to ask ourselves when we feel more agitated than usual. (more…)

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