Are you asking the right questions?

I have a habit of asking myself and others questions about different life situations. When you ask the right questions, you get the right answers. That’s why you see them in all of my posts.

My objective is to get my readers to think about their lives. Food for thought if you will. Highly sensitive people definitely have the standard equipment to question themselves and others. The problem arises when we’re afraid to do so. (more…)

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What’s so good about being highly sensitive?

What’s so good about being highly sensitive? I pose this question because based on the correspondence that I receive I find that too many people focus on the negative side of this inherited character trait.

I try to accentuate the positive aspects of life, although it’s difficult sometimes. I’d like to shed some positive light on being a highly sensitive person. Being highly sensitive isn’t a choice but a natural way of being. Why not make the best of what you got? (more…)

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Do you desire a new life?

Desire leads us into new directions. Our thoughts can keep us stuck or can lead us in directions that we never thought were possible. Where are you? Are you happy with your lot in life? If so, bask in the sunshine of your happiness. Enjoy it and don’t take it for granted. If not, why not take the time to think about what you want?

Take a look at yourself on the inside and out. Where do you live? What job do you have? Do you have positive relationships with your friends and family? What interests do you pursue? What adventures do you have?

What do you truly want from life? Do you want wealth and success, happiness and peace of mind? Do you want a family and a yard, a yacht, or sports car? Where are you going? Do you have a particular goal or are you just wandering through life?

What do you do if you don’t know what you want? Maybe your goals are small ones. Perhaps getting a promotion or finding a mate. Whether you want a bigger apartment or want to move to another state, any avenue of prosperity and achievement is open to you if you truly know what you want. (more…)

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Is there too much waste in your life?

There isn’t a country in the world that wouldn’t be more prosperous and happier if it didn’t contribute so much of its energy to waste. In our daily lives this is also true.

We read of the waste in government and wonder why we are heavily taxed. Could it be that the powers that be are spending more time campaigning and less time being the good stewards of our money? Maybe we’re spending too much money on programs that aren’t efficient or needed. (more…)

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