How can you increase your self-awareness?

To improve your self-awareness, you first need to re-acquaint yourself with past experiences and emotions. How did you get where you are now? What can you do to get to where you want to be?

When looking back on your life, look at the positive experiences that you’ve had and what you’ve learned from them. Write them down and refer to them often.

We can all learn and grow from our negative experiences. As painful as they may be, take the lessons learned and use them as building blocks to growth. (more…)

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Do you feel uneasy about someone or something?

Do you have that queasy feeling about someone or something? Do you feel uncomfortable with certain people and not know why? Is there a situation that you’re faced with that sounds good but you’re not sure if it is?

These are the many questions that we’re faced with every day. There’s that certain something that doesn’t feel right. These feelings make us feel puzzled and confused. What do most people do? (more…)

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How much activity is good for you?

How much activity is good for you? This question can be answered in many ways because we are all different. What kinds of activities take an emotional and physical toll on your mind and body? What types of activities uplift and energize you?

Being overwhelmed is a feeling that all highly sensitive experience. We feel more deeply than others. It’s important to know our activity tolerance. This can change from day-to-day. We don’t feel the same way each day and we need to make adjustments as needed. (more…)

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