What’s a most dreaded word?

A Most Dreaded Word…Change!

Change is something that inevitably happens. It’s surprising that most people are unprepared or unwilling to cope with it. What is the cause of this anxiety? Could it be because we have to make (I’m getting heart palpitations as I write this), decisions?

Change is a difficult process because it involves letting go of an old situation, whether it be good or bad. It’s human nature to have anxiety when there is something different in our lives. Our angst intensifies because change involves the end of something comfortable and the start of something uncomfortable. It’s a new way of being. (more…)

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Are you clear on your values?

I’ll clarify my question. Do you know what’s important to you? Perhaps you haven’t given this much thought. However, this is the most important question you need to ask yourself.

The reason for this is because this important question affects all aspects of your life. The quality of your relationships, your choice of a vocation, and your overall happiness is impacted by being true to what you value. (more…)

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Are You Too Cynical?

I’m becoming more cynical than ever before. I’m normally a positive and idealistic person. I try to look for the good in people and life in general.

I don’t like feeling so negative. I think that I’m reading too many newspapers, watching too much television, and being on the internet more than I need to.

Highly sensitive people need to deep-think the reasons why they are feeling negative. I know that I need to break this negative mindset before it “poisons” my feelings about everything. (more…)

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A Sad Story of Depression

I read a sad story in the newspaper the other day. It was about a college student from The College of New Jersey who was going to graduate this week and go to law school. This student was reported missing a month ago. The body was found. Unfortunately, The New York City medical examiner said that the cause of death was drowning by suicide.

The student’s name was Paige Aiello. She was twenty-two years old, an honors student, and was captain of her college tennis team. Paige was described as honest, loyal, and selfless. Her friends described her as the glue that kept everyone together. They mentioned that she would constantly put everyone before herself. (more…)

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